Van Wilder

Year: 2002
Duration: 1h 32min
IMDb: 6.4
Genres: Comedy, Romance
Country: USA, Germany
In certain circles, Van Wilder is a living legend at Coolidge College, where he&#39s been a student now for seven years, not yet having completed his degree requirements. Despite being bright, he never attends classes anymore, instead hosting parties, imparting his brand of wisdom to his adoring fans, hosting school organization fundraisers, and rallying the college spirit among the student body. Conversely, Van loves his Coolidge life. In his antics, he has a 2ic in Hutch, and always hires a personal assistant, this year&#39s being a South Asian transfer student named Taj, who wants to learn from the best, namely Van. Van&#39s college life is threatened when his wealthy neglectful father only now learns that Van is still in school, Wilder Sr. who has been paying his way all this time. As such, Wilder Sr. pulls the plug on that subsidy, meaning that Van has to figure out a way to pay for his Coolidge life. Because of his living legend status, Van becomes the subject of a series of articles by ...